WELCOME to TAL Ceiling Fan Customer Service!
  TAL Ceiling Fan Customer Service provides answers to general questions, replacement
parts, as well as technical support for all ceiling fans which are serviced by TAL.  To find out if
your fan is serviced by TAL please click
here.  To register your fan click owner registration.  
The TAL Ceiling Fan Customer Service website is an extension of the live support given at our
toll free number
1-877-902-5588.  Within this website, owners of TAL serviced fans will be able
to retrieve manuals and photos of their fan, browse for other fan models, find warranty
information, as well as acquire answers to frequently asked questions.  For customers who
prefer to communicate via email, this website features an option to contact us through email,
here.  We will respond to your inquiries/comments within one business day.
TAL Ceiling Fan Service Center